7 Tips for EDM Ghost Producers

1. Always keep sending quality tracks.

The best way to sell more tracks, especially on higher prices, is to work the tracks as it if were yours. Think about that the track may be released with a huge label. This will also help you to be a better music producer.

2. Study the market.

Take a look at the trending. Find what is hot in EDM scene right now (on every genre/artist), and try to produce some commercial tracks that the customers will be interested to buy.

3. Be professional.

Always organize your files correctly, have 100% original content, well mixed/mastered, and keep a professional contact with your customers, or the (any) platform’s manager. None wants to collaborate with someone that doesn’t appreciates his own work.

4. Produce other genres.

Do not stick only to one genre, try producing other genres that may be selling more.

5. Recommend a fair price that represents your work.

Keep a balance between your prices. (For Example: Do not try to sell a track that worths 100$, for 1000$ or do not reduce your price from 1000$ to 100$ in 1 day.) This is not how marketing works.

6. Be patient.

No one knows when your track is going to be sold. It may take from 1 day, to 1 year, to not at all. Try following the tips mentioned above and we are positive that you will increase your selling rate.

7. Do not resell or re-submit your tracks to other platforms.

This affects the whole market of ghost production, and also can lead the customers to stop trusting these services. If you can’t understand how important this is, then ghost producing is definitely not for you.