Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive :

  • Audio Stems in WAV
  • Mastered and Unmastered WAV
  • Rendered at 44.1kHz 24 bit
  • All MIDIs included
  • 100% of releasing rights
  • Instrumental Mix in case your track contains vocals.

You can submit your track for review at Become a Ghost Producer section.

Yes, if you find hard to prepare all the required files,  you can send an MP3 or WAV preview in order to review your track.

Yes, when you purchase a ghost produced track from our store you will own 100% of royalties.

This includes:

  • Release to any streaming platform.
  • Sign the track with any record label.
  • Edit or remake the track as you would like.
  • Use it for videos, advertisements, movies, radio, TV shows.

and many more !

Yes, once a track is sold, will not be available for listening or purchase to the public.

Yes, after purchasing a track from our store you are able to resell it to any third parties.

Yes, our tracks contain 100% royalty free vocals, or exclusive vocals.

  • 100% Royalty Free Vocals, means free to use by any producer. (You may listen the same vocal on different tracks).
  • Exclusive Vocals, means that the vocals have been recorded only for the specific track on the store.

If you have more questions about vocals, contact our Support.

At this time, we post a list of the tracks contain Exclusive Vocals on Instagram Highlights.

If you need extra details, you can contact our Support anytime.

No, this is violation of our agreement. This can lead you to a permanent ban from both platforms.

In case you decide to submit your track to another platform, you have to remove it from our store first.

No, even if you own the 100% royalties from the construction kits, using of samples it is not allowed.

The reasons that we may not respond to your submission are :

  1. You have provided fake or incomplete details.
  2. You have used other method of submitting your track instead of website’s form.
  3. Your track does not follow our requirements.

What genres are we able to order?

We offer custom ghost productions for all EDM Genres.

Who is the ghost producer for Custom Tracks?

When you submit the References (Similar Tracks), we find the right producer for your project.

What is the price for Custom Tracks?

It depends on the project and the ghost producer.

What is the payment processing?

You will have to submit an amount in advance in order to start working on your project.

This amount can be refundable only if you feel completely unsatisfied with the first demo you will receive.

In case you choose to continue working on the first demo the amount can’t be refundable.

After the project is completed, you will be asked to proceed with the rest of the payment.

What is the payment method?

Currently we accept payments only via PayPal. (USA Currency)

Do I get the project file?

Yes, we can include the project file for custom orders.

What if I feel unsatisfied with the final result? 

We will proceed to make any edits until you are happy with your track. (small edits, not starting a new track again).

In case your project will not be delivered on time we can issue a refund.

Yes. You can ask a license for your track anytime from our Support.

For safety reasons, we are sending the contracts manually.

Please include [Track Name], [Price], [Order Date] to send you the legal files.

After your purchase your download link will appear on My Account –> Downloads.

You will also receive an E-mail from us including the download link of your track. Please check your spam folder too.

If you haven’t an account on our Website you will receive only the E-mail with the Download Link including the Expiration Date.

Note: After 30 days we remove the Download Link from the store.

In case you are facing any difficulties, please contact our Support.

We are working hard everyday in order to check every track before uploading it on the store.

Unfortunately, we can not 100% guarantee that a track has not be published earlier somewhere else, or it’s not using unauthorized samples.

It is important to double check the track before purchase it.

Our website is not responsible if a producer violates our rules & agreements.

In case you find any track that uses any kind of plagiarism, we strongly recommend to report it immediately.

New producers can not price tracks above 500$.

Currently ghost producers receive 75% of the final sale.

Yes, You can remove your track from our site at any time.

Our requirements for a track to be on sale are :

  • The track should be uploaded at least 1 month on the store.
  • Track’s price cannot be above 500$ USD.
  • Your discount should not be lower to 100$ USD.

If your track follows these requirements, you can ask from the manager to place your track on this page.

We make the payments only via USA Currency.

No, after purchasing a track you are not able to return it.

Read our refund policy here.

Project files are not available for sale at this moment with the tracks.

Sometimes we may include a project file as ”Bonus”. (Not for every track).

In case you need the project file for your track please contact our Support before proceed in purchasing.

All vocals must be royalty free or exclusive. If your vocal is from a sample pack please include it on informations.

In order to upload your track on the site, you must upload all files including mastered, unmastered mp3, wav, all stems files (wav) and midi files.

See Become a Ghost Producer section for more info.

You must have PayPal account to get your earnings. Currently we can only payout money to PayPal.

Your earnings will be paid to your PayPal account after your track is sold.

Notice that PayPal charges an extra fee for any transaction.

You will get your earnings as soon as track is sold within 24-48 hours.

If you need further assistance do not hesitate to contact our support.