Read Producer’s FAQ to know about revenue and payments.

Submit your track and let us to take care the rest

Earn 75% of revenue, paid out as soon as track is sold 

Be 100% secured with a contract signed

Produce tracks on your own time

Have your tracks played at the biggest events


  • Submit everything on a zip folder.

  • Include a mastered and unmastered version of the track (wav, mp3). 

  • Track must be at least 3 minutes.

  • Quality must be professional.

  • Rendered should be at 44.1KHZ,24 bit.

  • All audio stems must be in wav format.

  • Include all Midi files used.

  • Vocals must be royalty free or exclusive.

  • Name all audio stems (Kick , Bass , Snare , etc.)

  • Track must be 100% original.

  • Include all information about the track (KEY, BPM, Vocal Pack Used).

Template Folder : download here

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Any use of unauthorized samples, vocals, or loops, will be rejected